This is the Impact That World War I Had on Cricket

It was not only artists who signed up to fight in World War I and World War II. You might be surprised to hear that hundreds and hundreds of cricket players and officials signed up to serve their countries. Hundreds of these were killed in action. Below we are going to take a closer looker at the impact that war had on cricket. First-Class Cricket Was Abandoned With the threat of war already on the horizon in August, those cricketers that had military commitments such as Yorkshire’s Archibald White, went to do their duty.

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Casino War is a Highly Entertaining Card Game Everyone Should Try

Nowadays, thank God, there is a very slim chance that a war will break out and you will be conscripted to join the army. However, if you have ever paid a visit to a casino, whether it be a land-based one or an online one, there is a good chance that you have come across a card game that is known as Casino War. If you have played it before, you will know it is an entertaining game to play.

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