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Thursday, May 15, 2008 — MNVGs

o M.,

waiting. last night all night the radio, the t.v., my laptop, my mobile switched on. the silence of all that noise pecking my throat, that place. where I hold you. when you’re gone.

“We own the night”, you said, then let me try on your MNVGs. see the green glow of your underworld. you, your men fearless with your invisibility cloak.

but I’m afraid of night M., nights like last. when lilacs claw my windows’ glass. no stealth in me. it’s your invisibility that terrifies.

4 a.m., J’s email. Subject: NOT HIM. I laughed so loud I scared the dog awake. switched on Radio Batanga danced tangos in my bare feet. poured a Talisker. settled down, read on.

patrol near dawn. mud maze village. ambush. your medic. young. bright saver.

my first thought, oh no, M. now you’ll stay on. revenge for a brother.

read, next line.

wife, two year old daughter, baby coming on.

relief, warm whiskeyed, funnelled first to cold guilt.

then, to empty ice.



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MayDay is a series of letters in prose, poem, txt, email, of a young woman to her infantryman lover serving in Afghanistan.

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