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WarPoet Book List

A list of books and publications that I’ve read while thinking about all of this (in no particular order).

Turner, Brian, Here Bullet, Alice James Publishing, Minn., 2005

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Reilly, Catherine, Chaos of the Night, women’s poetry and verse from the Second World War, Little Brown, London, 2007

Boyden, Joseph, Through Black Spruce, Viking Canada, Toronto, 2008

Lt.-Col. Horn, B, In the Breach: Perspectives on Leadership in the Army Today,
pub.?, 200? (purchased at used book shop in Edmonton)

Machado, Antonio, Border of a Dream: Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, 2003

Pigott, Peter,* Canada in Afghanistan: the war so far*, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 2007

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