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you, in your deserts (farewell/family day)

soldiers at the starting gate. more wait, more wait. first chalk, days away. music. balloons. little girls with fairy wings. CO’s speech. bouncy castles. more wait. more wait.

soldier beer. black eye. DUI. let’s get the fuck out of here. DAG red. DAG yellow. more wait. more wait.

I see you. soldier. in deserts. suntanned. talking to a dead brother’s mother. telling her, it’s your third tour. she cries. that you remember. him. ’06. the smiling other.
still, more wait. more wait.

you walk with me. but you’re not here. more wait wait. the starting gate. the starting gate. just hours away. you walk with me. the starting gate. just hours away. I wait. I wait. the starting gate. just hours away.

chalk – group of soldiers to depart

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