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who heard (repat)

who heard
last summer’s grass,
the oily bird,
the grackle beaked,
the long slow pass
the chalk lines tanned
fresh plane’d from Afghanistan,
the medalled wait, the brass,
the mother weep, the father
breathe, the brother still,
the tick, click, tick
jet engines powered down,
the crown and anchor wheel,
tick, click, tick, click, the awful sound
shuffled feet, the tarmac ground,
honour guard young Mickey home;

who heard the red and white,
maple leaf half-mast
the maple leaf cinched tight
around the casket,
the Flowers of the Forest piped,
“to your fallen comrade present arms”
the jet trail scratch our perfect sky,
the motorcycles’ thrum and beat
outside another wire, another gate;

who heard last summer’s grass
the glassy bird, the grackle’s beak,
who heard the wind
the opened May, the brilliant day
we clutched each other’s arms and waists
to bring young Mickey home
to stay, for good, the opened May
who heard it sing?

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m w blue


heard it sing
there in the silence
between the lines, to the;
wrasp of the summer’s grasses;
slip of the oiled feathers;
sigh of homed cinches;
beat of cooling turbines;
breath of sorrow’s chorus.
there in the silence
between your lines,
our moments pensive
as the throng of wind’s song’s reverie
blows through the telephone lines
slow notes crescendoed long
harbinger of this day
right there,
in the cadence of your words
in silent counterpoint:
honour’s melody.

May 17 2010 · 16:19

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