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we waited

I’m driving.
I’m driving to the airport.
for you, her beloved
her beloved we have waited
a thousand thousand thousand seconds
we have waited a billion seconds, an ice age
an ice age that covered every waking day
and night, we waited for you, to see you
her beloved, the parting of the glass doors
you walking through, the airport
the ice age of this winter
every goddamn second we waited, held our breath
kept each other warm, we waited not to hear
the midnight knock, the buzzer ring, the telephone
I am driving to the airport to come get you
she will burn your last letter to her,
the one you wrote before you left
she will burn your last will, your testament
the order of the service she kept in her backpack
for you, the details, your kilt, your dress jacket,
your shirt pressed, ready for you,
the music, the Padre, the ritual kept for you,
she will burn it, she will burn it
I am driving to the airport
her beloved, her beloved
she/we have waited for you, these last
seconds for you, to step left right left
all the way home whole, alive, breathing
not in a flag-draped coffin
from this war.

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Thank you for being there every second, every minute, every day, from finish to start to finish all over again.
Jess xox

Jun 02 2010 · 14:45


Well Jesse, your soldier is worth the wait. Thank you for letting me share this time with you. Well done you for keeping on going through this terrible winter. We did it together. One left, one right, one left…

Jun 02 2010 · 16:35

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