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war poetry anthology reviewed in the Independent

in a week’s time an anthology of soldiers’ poetry will be released in the UK. today’s Independent carries a feature interview with soldier-poet James Jeffrey, four poems from the collection Heroes: 100 Poems from the New Generation of War Poets, and a smaller article with quotes and excerpts from some of the poets, including Col. Simon Marr, Corporal Vincent Polus, some others, AND a quote from Britain’s Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy who advised on the project.

I found the articles and excerpts very interesting but one thing struck me and that was Carol Ann Duffy’s remark, ‘that it is “humbling, allowing the voices of those whose lives have been changed by war to speak to us with the raw directness of feeling and experience.“’

I find this patronizing. condescending that anyone ALLOWS the voice of anyone to be heard. no, what I hope she is saying is that perhaps she herself is at last HEARING the voices that need to be heard.

without judgement. without condition.

because quite frankly, it’s been a long, long time coming.

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BJ Lewis

I’ve seen the book for the first time today, I guess I cannot be considered objective as I made contributions to the anthology and they’ve been included, but I’m very impressed with it.

The way I interpreted Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘allow’ comment, was that it’s good to see a major publisher going with an anthology of modern war poetry, as so many have to be self published. Thus rBooks’ decision to invest in the project ‘allows’ us to reach out to the masses.

Nov 04 2011 · 11:02


Congrats on the publication of your words and thank you for your perspective. I’m sensitive on the choice of her language yet I recognize the possibility of her words being taken out of context.

With our In Arms Project (Wage Words) which was published and performed in Canada last Nov. 10th, we “mentor” poets all felt immensely privileged and honoured that mil. pers. and their families who participated actually trusted us enough to give us their words and let us stage them. Some of our participants were very, very vulnerable having only recently returned from war.
thank you again for writing

Nov 04 2011 · 12:26

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