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War Poet on the BBC

Friday morning an email from the BBC Worldservice program, Newshour. their “flagship” program. millions of listeners worldwide.

“can we do an interview?”

I have listened to the Beeb WSvc everywhere I have ever been. this is the radio service that kept hostages in solitary confinement from going mad. a lifeline to the greater world. this is the station I listened to at 4 a.m. on worried, sleepless nights. and recently, on a windup shortwave in a tent on the great Canadian prairie. 1PPCLI sleeping, standing sentry about me.

at 11 a.m. Friday morning, I strolled into CBC Edmonton. clipped on a pair of headphones. chatted with Claire Balderson. what does it mean to be a war poet? what are you doing differently from journalists? what do the soldiers think of you?

“well Claire…” five minutes later. walked out.

a big smile on my face.

You can listen to smsteele’s BBC interview here on warpoet.ca.

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