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war artists remember

photo credit:Steven Darby CMCC Bill MacDonnell, John MacFarlane (director of CFAP), Karole Marois, smsteele, Gertrude Kearns, Scott Waters, Alex Meyboom, David Collier, andrew Wright and Karen Bailey.

while some join up, learn weaponry, tactic, discipline, dig deep within themselves to survive, wear uniforms… others join up, hone skills of paint, ink, pen, paper, thought, words, discipline, in a totally foreign environment, share deprivation and trials of physical endurance, dig deep within themselves to survive. literally.


many reasons.
for enlisted pers, career, adventure, money, a family tradition, a calling to serve?

for volunteer artists? career, adventure, a calling to serve? certainly not money that’s for sure. and nearly all of my fellow war artists tell me they experience marginalization from their peers, so it isn’t for fame or career advancement? so why?

a sense of history? a sense of duty?

then there is a love of one’s country.

and remembrance.

war artists remember

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