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Scott Waters' War Art at the McMichael Gallery

copyright, Scott Waters

One of the great pleasures I’ve had since beginning this project, has been making contact with, meeting, and corresponding with my fellow war artist, Scott Waters. Scott’s work can be seen on this site in the Soldiers’ section, as well as one of his sketches of a LAV, which he kindly gave me permission to use on my podcasts.

Scott is a former infantryman, now a full-time painter, who participated in the CFAP a few years back. Check out his site or if you can, visit the McMichael gallery in Kleinberg, Ont. to see some of Scott’s work, as well as other war artists’ from the CFAP and the earlier war artist program, in A Brush with War from January 17 – June 14, 2009

This exhibit will be touring the country for three years.

Scott’s work can also be seen at Rodman Hall (Brock University) in St Catherines, Ont. during his exhibit, It’s Great to be a Man in Times Like These . The opening reception is on January 24th. Scott will be speaking on March 21st @ 2pm.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Scott’s studio filled with his work. Treat yourself and make a trip to one of the galleries. If you haven’t heard of Scott yet, I guarantee that you will.

Finally, Scott’s work and mine will be published together in the journal, CV2, sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

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