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wadi (5)

you signed on for every patrol you could.
your death wish. that you’d step. on metal/plate/wires.
sierra echo out. done. finished. black. gone.
me to you on Sat. phones, “smarten up. smarten up.
stop that crazy talk. there are good years. still to come.
the baby waiting to be born” but you couldn’t hear.
your heart. brain-dead. too many years of sleep dep.
dread. your ears so filled with far too much.
you couldn’t hear “I love you” sanded soft
between our words. words planed. words turned.

then today I understood. rode my bike hard
into the season. turning leaves like salt. in the forest.
on the gravel. path. without you I didn’t care
to stop. wished cars would T-bone my heart.
over-filled. the heavy rains. a wadi green. unstill.

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