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Rounding the final bend of the doctorate and looking forward to the next step. Currently I have a major manuscript in motion, Infantry Lessons: a poet’s road to war. I get so many requests for my work but I have not had the time to collate, review etc. as I began the doctorate while writing Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation with the composer Jeffrey Ryan (2012). Speaking of the requiem, watch this space. One of the movements was recently sung/played in Chicago. I would like to see it come to the U.K. in 2017.

I am hoping to have the manuscript, Infantry Lessons, ready within six months and my agent will be handling it. I’ve had several publishers interested in it, but still have not decided how I want to roll it out. A young editor is currently working with the manuscript and I have several readers lined up to review it. To be honest, I needed some perspective on the work. Most of my work was written in situ and was thus reactive. It will be interesting to revisit it once I finish the doctorate.

Thank you for continuing to visit the site. Thank you, as always, to Michael Gravel my incredible, patient, and kind web designer and web master. None of this could have happened without his professionalism and keen sense of design.

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