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ticking off the boxes

margie hanks gives me round 2 of my vaccinations (Mr. Pokey, the 6 ft. syringe watching in the background)

after Margie gave me my last vaccinations, a Barbie bandaid and toffee, I had my safety talk with the prev. med. tech. at the base hospital. I took my niece who is a nursing student so she could help me remember what I needed to remember (details not being my strong suit). and I was fine with the scorpions, the spiders, the malaria, the TB, the GIs, the yellow fever etc., but when the med tech got to the dengue fever I paused a moment.

that night I talked to soldier on the phone and told him that I could handle the scorpions… the whole nine yards actually, but the dengue fever caused a bit of alarm, and soldier said, “dengue fever? maybe I should pay attention to those safety lectures”

“good insect hygiene soldier” I told him,“use lots of bug spray EVERYWHERE!!” and when soldier told me that he thought bug spray did more harm than good, I trotted out the med tech’s blurb on longitudinal studies of the stuff and reinforced what the med tech said… “spray the stuff EVERYWHERE!!!”

so soldier, in the off chance you’re reading this, please just do it

and on Friday I took a full day 1st aid course. it was amusing. I used to be a 1st aid attendant in logging camps and on the docks as a longshoreman so I know more than the basics, though am rusty. what I found amusing was that 1st aid teaches ESM, emergency scene management, as a first principle. what that means is taking charge of the situation, checking for hazards, anything that might endanger the 1st aider or helpers, clearing the scene of hazards etc.

to illustrate the concepts, we watched videos in which someone fell in a supermarket and there were cans and rolls of paper towels all over which posed a hazard to the 1st aider who might fall on them. I couldn’t help but imagine looking up and around me in Afghanistan for hazards and comparing them to the supermarket scenario… and as for clearing the immediate area… well, the videos never mentioned calling in the sappers.

this isn’t dull.

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Alex VanderWoude

I expect that you are not allowed to say exactly when you’ll be deployed. However, are you able to give some indication/hint? Or will your site suddenly go dark for a while until a post from KAH appears saying that you have arrived?

Whatever, I hope things go smoothly.

Oct 20 2009 · 12:03

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