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third tour (sapper)

your desert boots are broken
in by ’06, ’08, laying charges
defusing poppies, chasing IEDs,
their leather ghee’d by Afghan sun,
they are sole-less
foot-casings, more glove than shoe,
“my good luck ones,” you say,
at WWx in the CP, it’s late May;
we stink, swelter hours, days,
weeks, without showers,
water only to drink,
(until Angel of the mod tents
swoops down upon us
with 2 250 ml bottles
for birdbath, babywipe routines).

big man, soldier, 6 ’4, shaved head,
your left leg shudders, shakes
like the trunk of some great tree
under siege by hungry grizzlies,
when you talk abouty two tours overseas,
“fuck, why worry? I won’t feel a thing,” you say
(when I ask about wires,
explosives on the road that rings
the heavy load of 24/7
kablooey to kingdom come),
“unless my shoemaker can’t resole
these little babies,”
(laced right over left every time),
“before I deploy for tour #3, my last one”.

CP – Command Post
WWx – Wainwright Exercise (dress rehearsal for Afghanistan)

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