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the work

I knew I’d recognize the end. the research is done. now it’s time to rest. reflect.

thank you for coming with me on this road to war. soldiers. family of soldiers. friends and my family who have believed in me and what I’m doing. those who have supported me.

I guess you might say I’m going to ground for a few months.

two announcements. a major commission, Afghan Requiem, Requiem for a Generation . details TBA (premiere with a major symphony, Jan and Nov. 2012). a major award (fully funded PhD which will allow me to read, think and write this work, A Poet’s Road to War with the Canadian Infantry, TF 3-09, Afghanistan).

and yes, a book. THE book. will be part of the PhD.

drop me a line. let me know how you are.


PL (as they call me)

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Joan Dixon

Bravo! Well deserved/earned.

Apr 25 2011 · 09:10

Alex VanderWoude

I look forward to the Requiem and the book. Good luck.

Apr 29 2011 · 07:38


Congratulations. Good luck on ‘going to ground’—hope it is enjoyable and sure it will be fruitful. Looking forward to the outcome.

May 01 2011 · 09:33

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