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The Long Goodbye: a conversation across a century

I am lead on a major Great War centenary project titled The Long Goodbye: a conversation across a century, a series of letters and postcards written from us/you the public in 2014 to those in 1914. This project is international in scope, and inclusive (all ages, all nationalities), and we are inviting you to submit your writing which will be transcribed with old-fashioned dip pens onto thousands of postcards and letters and unveiled on 4 August, 2014, at the University of Exeter campus. For more details read here about The Long Goodbye​​ and write, write, write! What we are commemorating is the lives of those who contributed.

Today in the Forum at the university, we set up a table and we had all kinds of folk come and write. These included nurses, military officers from the Middle East, an entire family from Italy, a young French man who wrote to his great grandfather, and many, many more, who all sat down and wrote postcards and emails to the past. Many, many people said they really loved the pens and ink and the opportunity to write and imagine back a century.

I was very touched in particular by the postcard from a Canadian who wrote something like this… ‘Dear Great-Grandfather, I know Paschendaele will be really tough, but you should know that your family will be proud of you for generations’. So heartfelt, a letter of encouragement of love from a Great-Grandson one hundred years back. Another letter was from an accessibility tutor at the university who wrote to her Grandmother who age 18 joined the Army Massage Corps, and then went on to become a pioneering physiotherapist.

Join us in The Long Goodbye, open the conversation up across a century. Or join us on FBook https://www.facebook.com/thelonggoodbye

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