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the ethics of writing (4)

they tell me things. I see things. I tell them things. they see things. I promise I will never name names, locs. unless they ask me to write something for them.

and there’s a story here I’ve not told. several stories I’ve not told. stories that have crossed years. before this road to war. and after. stories that are sordid. stories that are cruel. stories that have shaped me. stories that have shaped others.

and I have seen great joy. and I have seen prolonged sorrow. questioning. discomfort.

and the ethical dilemma is how much to tell when it’s all part of it. but there are people to protect. children for example. children who have been put smack, dab in the centre of it not by choice.

and do I tell how some of those closest to me bailed and others stepped up? and do I tell how many soldiers I know got home and found out their partner was pulling the pin on relationships? maybe just a day or two days after getting home?

and how much of these stories are everyman/everywoman?

I suspect quite a lot.

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