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the dirty dozen

sms smoking Sweet Orients and drinking no duff Timmy’s with the Dirty Dozen at “Spin” (WWx)

the dirty dozen (actually 10, but two had feet that smelled as bad as two guys, thus the math!) took a five hour stroll, cut off by insurgents, heaved into “Spin” for 10 days. no toothbrushes. no sleeping bags. no soap. (tho interestingly, they had a ghetto blaster so they had their tunes!).

we all smelled bad those days. our water cut off. no showers. barely even bird baths. we all smelled like dust and bodies and baby wipes.

yesterday I told a friend about this. she’d just bought expensive French soap. I told her that my expensive French soap lasted twice as long as hers! I guess I learned the preciousness of soap and hot water. somewhere along the road…

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