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The boys of 21 Alpha Are Home!!!

had a message from Sgt. B of the Royal 22e Régiment. he’s the guy who taught me night watch in the gunner’s turret at Wainwright last year. that was 2nd Ex after Shilo with 1PPCLI. Sgt. was one of the guys I thought to myself, I’d trust my life with him. I knew I’d be safe.

Sgt. is just home from A’stan and writes that he had to go somewhere south, clear his head, do some diving, get some rest after a long tour, his 2nd.

he wrote, “I brought back all the boys… didn’t sleep much…but I brought back all the boys and that’s what counts.

I smiled thinking about those boys and how their mothers were furious with them for signing up, and threatened to throw them down the stairs to break their legs so they’d be DAGged red…

I hope to go see the boys sometime in 2010 if I get the research grant I applied for. I want to see how their tour changed them from “3/4 formed men” (sonnet: To Young Infantrymen Training for Afghanistan ), to perhaps wiser, more seasoned men.

anyway, here’s one of their poems, a prose poem… well done Sgt. B., mes amisà la prochâine!

To the Boys of 21 Alpha

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