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the boys in green

here’s a pic of the troops beginning to file into Canmore Alberta to begin the sandbag brigade.

and it doesn’t matter if it’s an ice storm in Quebec, or an earthquake in Haiti, or a flood in Winnipeg, or a fire in B.C., these guys (this includes women) frigging show up. gladly. willingly. with shovels and kit ready to pull as many all nighters as needed til the job is done. I know this. I’ve spent thousands of hours with them in field and war zone and have watched them up close, sat through the night with them on sentry duty, shared tents with them, LAVs with them, got sick with them, eaten rations with them, drunk way too many cups of army coffee with them, laughed with them, cried with them (and their next-of-kin)… and here’s another thing. they actually love doing this. they love fixing stuff. they love making things better. and they get the job done.

photographer Wade Graham
troops arriving in Canmore, AB, June 2013, to help with the flooding

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