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swallow o swallow

grass sizzles, hiss/Carl G backdraft/smsteele/shilo 08

swallow o swallow, black arrowhead, you
split skins of sky, of plain, this day, this plain day
as they, rose-cheeked, shoulder Carl G,
lean into him, arm each other, waist each other, pin
each other to metal and cordite—
count the terrible 3-2-1 thhhhudddhhhh
percussion, back-draft, back-slap, gut-punch,
lung-sucker, spine-shudder, brain-shaker, cock-
maker, clang of shell is clang of bell,
whose bell? whose bell? take one
step closer to the dust of all making;

hiss prairie grass sizzle;

ah swallow, o swallow, mercy
on their mothers’
wait, pace, pasted scrapbooks, wait, pace
the long hour of awful tick-tock lullaby,
while soldiers sleep, neat-rowed pups, or wake,
in leaguers, in FOBs, at KAF, at Wainwright,
while you slice neat, still
scar black beautiful a hundred meters
above mothers, above children,
the lapus, the lovely lapus lazuli
spring, the fresh opening,
the promise, the promise, the prairie sky

Carl G: 84mm Carl Gustav Infantry Anti-Tank Recoiless Weapon

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