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from the Suffield on Ex with the Battle Group

day 3, day 4, what day is it? days of the week, dates are meaningless out here with the exception that each day brings another layer of dirt/dust… I’m scheduled for a shower sometime next week! oh man, don’t get too close to me…

arrived after a long drive from E’ton across the gorgeous prairie, everything itching to break out in leaf and bud, everything on hold because of a threatened cold snap, warnings of snow, and I’m wondering how many nights I’ll be sleeping out in it

first night, welcomed into the HQ of the Brigade, sat with the Commander, his right hand man,. (I don’t know the proper terminology, please forgive me MWO for not knowing), another Col. and his right hand man (in a battalion he would be called an RSM), while a long line of officers and NCOs took turns reviewing the day and reporting on immediate plans… totally unexpected that I should be seated up there with them… continually amazed at how I, a frigging poet, am treated…

I sleep in a big field tent that huffs and puffs all night long… helicopters, diesel generators, trucks, heaters blasting on and off all night as well… I’m trying to get used to it… it’s nothing compared to Afghanistan I’m told as far as noise goes…

I’ve been out with the maintainers checking on things… they’re a relaxed but capable bunch… they can fix anything… yesterday, tanks, tomorrow? this morning I was with a rifle company… I’m going out with them before sunrise tomorrow morning to watch a range… should be interesting…

too much to tell and there’s only 15 mins. at the terminal so that’s all for now… lots of material already..

oh, and one more thing… today at the mess, I ran into Cpl. D, my friend from Victoria! I had no idea he had signed up again… he’ll be over there when I am… amazing, really amazing to see him… I’ll phone his girlfriend when I get home and fill her in…


from the field


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John Barazzuol

Hi Suzane,

This is John from Victoria. We ran into one another not too long ago in the welfare computer tent and talked about this upcoming tour as compared to the 07 tour. You took my picture. I have taken a good look around your site here and checked out your reading list. You’ve explored some excellent background literature for what you’ve invested yourself into experiencing with us . I can see how you're so grounded in what we do. Its all but unheard of to speak with civilians who understand; really that was the hardest part of coming back. Nobody understood. I see that your working to remedy that. Its really nice to have you onboard:P

May 04 2009 · 14:11


thanks John… I was so surprised to see you… I’m counting on you and others to tell me if I don’t get this stuff right, tell me if I don’t… I’ve been at this project for over a year and only now am beginning to understand what you guys do…still much to learn… I only hope I’ll be able to do a good job…
see you at WWright

May 06 2009 · 22:13

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