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StAnza - Saint Andrews (Scotland) International Poetry Festival

I am pleased to say that I have been invited to read at StAnza in 2014 as part of a program commemorating the beginning of the Great War. I am equally pleased to say that among others, Brian Turner, the American poet, ex-soldier, author of Here Bullet (and much more, including T.S. Elliot prize nominee), is also going to be there, alongside many, many other notable writers, including Tomica Basjic (Croatia), another ex-soldier-poet, and the performance poet Sophia Walker who witnessed the civil war in Uganda plus many others.

to be included in this prestigious lineup in one of the world’s premiere English speaking poetry festivals is humbling. I promise to do my very best.

other news is that I’ve made my first ever video installation and this will premiere at the January opening exhibit for the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry centenary in Calgary, and then will show again at the Edmonton exhibit in August of 2014.

this installation has been a real stretch for me artistically as I have never made a film before. I am grateful to Jon Primrose of the University of Exeter Drama Department for helping me edit the film, do the studio engineering for the recording session with the actors, helping me edit the sound tracks, and finally, helping me do some of the text overs. I am equally grateful to all my actors who faithfully showed up, prepared, and were willing to give some crazy readings a go. in the end, due to time limits I couldn’t use all of their recordings, but I will post the audios here soon, and shall surely involve the actors again should they be willing.

these include: Kris Jennings, Josiah Pearsall, Grant Morgan, Caroline Lang, and Phillippe Edwards. all are from the University of Exeter drama department and all of them, Americans, English, and Austrian, gave me their very best Canadian accents eh! merci merci mes amis!

the installation will present in a horseshoe of three screens, two with headphones, all three showing the same images but slightly out of sync. I’m quite excited to see how it pulls together. in all of this I’m out of my “green” zone. having said that, I’m anxious to use more technology and will keep you posted.

*note: the StAnza festival programme will be online later this week.

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