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Speaking in Toronto on 18 June at the Royal Canadian Military Institue

For those of you who live in the Toronto area, I will be the inaugural speaker of the Royal Canadian Military Institute’s First World War Commemorative speaker’s series. The title of my speech will be Bearing Witness to War and I will be talking about the Canadian tradition of the artist witness in the theatre of war with a focus on the Great War, the subject of my doctoral thesis, but also including my own.

For more information contact: susan.cook@rcmi.org or call and make a reservation at 416 – 597-0286

In September I will be speaking twice in Oxford, first, on the American VAD Mary Borden and ‘re-facing’ the war through her book The Forbidden Zone, then later I will be speaking on David Jones and his influence on my work as a poet and video installation artist, especially in the context of his Catholicism and his use of form. Dates and locations tba.

For general enquiries about my availability as a dinner or keynote speaker, lecturer, or presenter, please contact me at: ss534@ex.ac.uk

or through my agent:

Ian Arnold
Artist Representative, President,
Catalyst TCM Inc. #310 – 100 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M 3H3
416-645-0935 ph.
416-645-0936 fx.

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