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soldier's heart

they called it soldier’s heart, then shell shock, then combat fatigue, then PTSD. and in the news a soldier who is suffering caused great suffering (allegedly, as he hasn’t gone to trial) overseas. and in this country in the paper this morning, another who suffered caused great suffering. I don’t need to repeat the details. we already know them. the details make good news (but lousy life).

and those who are suffering from their war are to be found in jail. or drunk in ditches. or having blown their entire tour pay on nothing. emptiness. or dead by their own hand.

but there are others with shiny new babies. and new jobs. new hopes. new dreams. this is the human condition. some shall endure. some shall fall. some shall prevail. some shall excel. and I remember early on having an OC tell me that one never knew who would excel and who would fail.

I’ve been writing here for 3 1/2 years. thought I’d quit a few times. but then something came up. and readers encouraged me to keep going. and so I inflict badly written verse on my readers, bad punctuation (and boy does my PhD supervisor ever bust me on that one! I mean that’s English 101 stuff!!!).

I thought I’d quit writing once our troops were out. but the thing is, they’re not out. the majority yes, but not all.

so what’s the point I’m making? why am I still here? well I guess today I was thinking about all the shit news about PTSD guys going postal and I think it’s important to recognize the hundreds/thousands who suffer, work hard to get better, stumble, fall, pick themselves back up again, move forward, fall, etc. etc. and I want to encourage all of us to encourage them to take heart, take soldier’s heart. and prevail.

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