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Soldier Psalm #1

for Angel, and for Cpl. whose name I don’t know, but who took me on patrol through “Spin”

Soldier is my shepherd,
with her I have everything.
He patrols me through “Spin Boldak”,
leads me to safety, the cool water canteen,
the mod tent where I might lay my head.
He carries my pack, he lends me his strength.

She leads me from IEDs, suicide bombers,
the roof-top sniper,
carefully, he takes us over the well-trod path.
Though we go through darkest, together
share deprivations, rocket attack,
I am not afraid, for she is with me.
And he will prepare, share his food—
hard rations, his last cup
of clean drink, coffee,
though watched by the watchers
who want only to kill him, to kill her,
to kill me.

I am welcomed as her guest,
my cup filled to overflowing, a blanket,
a towel, glow-sticks, extra rats.
I know goodness and mercy,
never to be alone
again, that his house, her house,
will be my house, my home, forever

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