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soldier in waiting

he’s fifteen. prairie boy. he’ss grown up with machines. with the land. with the battle of weather and a hard-won earth.

he rides a BMX. he plays XBox 360. all the latest games. works hard. every day. at fifteen alongside his father. farmer. rancher. journeyman carpenter.

“I want to join the army” he says.

“the infantry?” I ask

“no, I want to be a mechanic. I want to fix things. not jet engines though. good pay, good pension”.

“ya, it’ll be LAVs or something like that you’ll fix.” I tell him.

“sweet. but I won’t have to go out into the danger places will I?” he asks.

“those guys work their asses off day and night. the maintainers. they can fix/do anything anywhere. they’re on call 24/7 and they work 24/7. they go everywhere the army, the artillery goes. everywhere. even where it’s hot.”

“sweet” he says.

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Haha sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet deal, you are one of the most awsome Ladies i have ever met, you make me smile everytime i talk to you, and i love talking to you, you are so easy to talk to, love your writing.

Ps: I own an Xbox 360, and i do keep up with all the latest games. XD :b

Jul 23 2010 · 19:14

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