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Sniper Lesson (8)

Remorse (less)
Middle English, from Anglo-French remors, from Medieval Latin remorsus, from Latin remordēre to bite again, re- + mordēre to bite

on a sniper range,
no wind. no chill. only still autumn.

maple leaves bleed dead. whistle fall,
winter. bite the bread of December.

through heart, his head, his mastery.
scopes up, check the wind. then send it

remorselessness is thermal
shimmers light of midnight grass.

remorseless is hot
thought, pain of discipline.

over and over again, big moves
commit. to muscle memory. commit.

distill passion. be ready
ready. lie still. wait for it.

the master txts,
ghillied into sticks, leaves

his patient lesson
from the sniper range.

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