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sniper Lesson (12) (from May Day)

the most fruitful principle of war is selection and maintenance of the aim – you have selected your aim, and now you must maintain it to your desired outcome – total victory



be patient love, this will be

then your thousand kisses rain
over the desert, my desert
history, heart smashed in
by another man’s words, deeds,
words, his hooligan kit
bash, try to break down,
injure me.

but my house in the desert is strong.
its walls three feet thick,
my door sturdy planed oak,
built by my own hands, my hands
alone, of mud and sweat
something I mistook for love
the thousand kindnesses
for so long

but when he, armed
with personal hatred, vindictiveness,
his guilt, his pain, his shame,
breaks in, crosses
my threshold,

I am gone.

only the fire in the stove
sizzles, embers.



close the disengaged eye

I found your handwriting
on the paper crumpled, balled
left on my kitchen table
at your place setting
the day after you left,

that place setting once
was his.

and when you were here
you gravitated to the armchair, your
arms tattoo’ed with Airborne chute, the Patricias’ crown,
your hands huge and spent, grasped chocolate leather,
your war-weary body filled it
as his never could.



our road to war, you turned towards me, said,
I realize now will never end until we’re dead

and even then.
you’re already in history books.
and my words sometimes zero’ed
will live. *


in loss the paradox
gain in paring

war has worn us,
sharpened us

is x-ray,
night vision blind

no bullshit

only straight
straight steely edge.


first shot.
little victory.


for this.
tock clock
camel bell
dog ring round the moon
wishing, wish, wishing


shot must be released and followed through
without any disturbance to the position

notes from your marksmanship.



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