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Shilo - Day Four

in from the field for a few minutes. time to catch a meal, write, then head out for a sleepover in the biv.

my body exhausted from a day on the rocket range with Carl Gustav, the “anti-tank recoilless rifle”… rifle is an understatement… this thing can punch serious holes in things hundreds of meters away… I’d call it a portable canon even thought I know it’s nothing of the sort.

I stood 20 meters away from soldiers firing them, and my chest and legs twitched from the concussion of the thing—the back pressure. the boom and the fire discharge were nothing to that compressed air. an hour of this and I was done. I moved 500 meters away and even with double ear protection, my body was exhausted by 15:00 so I hitched a ride back to camp with a LAV full of 21 year olds. their faces soft, eyes bright. infantrymen in the making. eager to learn the trade to a man.

too tired for more.


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