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shelter from the storm

over the past 18 months I’ve sheltered in LAVs, leaguers, pup tents, mod tents, seacans in KAF (with A/C), officers’ and VIP quarters in Canada and a nameless country, a 5-star resort, a 14 foot Boler, a ranch on the prairies, an abandoned Russian building outside the wire in A’stan, an officer’s home (she slept on her couch), and my own modest little cottage… always warm, dry, safe (I tried not to think about the new ceiling on the Russian building and how it replaced the previously mortared one! the boys reassured me that mortars are like lightening, they never strike twice – oh sure).

this morning I heard an interview with some fellow who is shipping several hundred shelterboxes to Haiti. a former Royal Navy diver designed the concept. thousands of these boxes have been deployed over the past decade wherever disaster or war have created homelessness.

inside the giant “barrack boxes” are a tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, tools, light etc.

check them out here shelterboxes

some have been deployed to Afghanistan.

worthy. really worthy.

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Nancy Wilson

A wonderful tip, Suzanne.
At times like this, it’s always difficult and confusing to know which organization(s) one should donate to.

Jan 15 2010 · 15:20

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