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Sgt. John Faught

intermission, a 4 hr. video. a friend calls. “I know you need down time. didn’t know if I should tell you or not. did you know?” I lid the laptop open. see who it is.

Sgt. John Faught

“Toast, hard and crusty.” I didn’t know they called him that, though it was apt. a soldier’s soldier. all business with me. crisp. clipped. professional. someone I’d trust my life with. on Ex., or out there. someone who took me along. because he was told to. treat well. keep safe. and he did, they all did.

I remember him at Suffield. the rifle company up at 0400. slamming down coffee. rats. out to live-fire. I obeyed orders. made little noise. sat quietly for hours in the LAV. nodding off. taking notes. picking through, bartering rats. drinking ranger coffee.

Sgt. Faught. his third tour in A’stan. 20 + years in. a few years from the finish line.
soldier’s soldier. running around. giving. taking. orders. getting things done.

(there is heart break
between the lines.
all chance.
the lethal deal.
fate, fate.
heart break.

and more resolve.

my words
too late
for this man
for anyone.
my words
for this man.


this is the real deal,
this is war.)

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