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nothing p’s off the troops more than on an Ex. when they get the word they’re doing a day of filling sand bags. thousands of sand bags. slinging them, stacking them. then at the end of the day, emptying them. the troops perceive this as a make work project. a distraction from the ‘real work’ (which to a rifleman inevitably involves big noises, shooting at things, kicking things in…)

I’ve heard more than a few of them pronounce this type of task as cock, to use their vernacular.

needless to say, this sort of practice comes in handy. not only in theatre (where a sandbag is a good thing to have, especially during a mortar attack), but also at times like these in places like Manitoba.

yesterday on the radio I heard an officer say that the boys were all adrenalined up to fight the river. I know a CSM who for sure can’t wait to get a chance at taking on the might Red.

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