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rolling replen

5 a.m., from my leper’s tent,
I spotted Transport Coy on the horizon,
idling, ready to roll;
red tail lights, hot little coals,
the green skin of that crazy caterpillar
stuffed with IMPs, spare parts, ammo,
wild man drivers, itching to go;
orders crackled over the net,
engines revved,
slowly slowly caterpillar inched out
into the black and blue, its belly full,
ready for live fire,
ready for rolling replen.

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Lt Dussault (Dawn)

Suzzane, Your work is beautiful and inspiring.
Many times we seem to forget the importance of keeping a record of what we do because we seem to always be living in the moment. Reading your work brings back memories of everything we have done in the last year, and I can’t wait to read everything you create during our tour together.

May 08 2009 · 12:04


Lt. Dussault,
hanging with your guys at Suffield was a highlight… as one of the vets from A’stan said to me, “you want to see the real heroes over there, it’s those transport guys… balls, big balls…”

see you at Wainwright

May 09 2009 · 12:13

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