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Road To War Video Installation

My first video installation Road To War With The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry can be seen at the art exhibit Forging a Nation: Canada Goes to War that just opened in Calgary, AB at the Museum of the Regiments. It will travel to St Andrews Scotland for StAnza, the international poetry festival where I will also be appearing, then will return this summer to Canada, to Edmonton, for the centenary of the founding of the Battalion.

Here are photos from the exhibit curated by Lindsay Sherman

The installation is a video triptych (in horseshoe formation) of raw film footage I shot over a period of a year and a half while I tracked the battalion on their road to A’stan. One screen shows the film (silent) overlaid with text of the major battles from the Great War to A’stan – in a font that looks as if carved into a memorial stone. The second screen has film and ambient sound (e.g. LAVs or helicopters), and the third has low level ambient sound and professional actors reading some of my work and film footage. While the images are the same on all three screens, I have added some frames to two of the three, which means that the films all start at the same place then slowly go out of sync, only to sync again maybe five or six hours later, then they slip out of sync again. The “viewer” has a choice of how to see and hear the piece by listening with headphones to either of the two films with soundtracks or not at all. I wanted to convey the collective, yet singular experience of war. I present simply, and without judgement. I prefer to let people make up their own minds about how they see the world!

My thanks goes out to my wonderful actors and to Jon Primrose of the University of Exeter Drama Dept. who helped me edit the film.

Here is a review of the exhibit

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