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Requiem Preview at the High Performance Rodeo

what can I say but thank you?

thank you to the amazing Michael Green for contacting me in the summer of 2010 after hearing me on the CBC, and then asking me to come to Calgary after the In Arms performance, and I did, to chat about my work and see if anything I was doing could fit with his High Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Arts Festival. and thank you to Heather Slater of the CPO for believing in this.

I remember being exhausted getting off the bus from Edmonton after some of the most intense and incredible few days of my life, and meeting this energetic, firey light with wild hair, wireless glasses and an awesomely cool goatee (I think that’s what one calls them!), and being taken for luncheon at a Vietnamese restaurant and Michael ordering for me because he knew exactly what would be perfect, and it was. but that’s the deal with Michael Green, Calgary’s national treasure, he just seems to know what’s going to be good.

Michael and I yacked, and over lunch I told him about May Day, about my writing, but that my dream, my REALLY BIG DREAM, was to write a Requiem for a Generation because I believe Afghanistan will influence an entire generation. it has made and broken a generation as war always does. I repeat, it has broken but it has also made a generation.

Michael got on the phone and immediately set up a meeting with Heather Slater of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Requiem began it’s way to reality. together we listened to Jeffrey Ryan’s music and the rest as they say…

so yesterday was the culmination of years’ work and there is still so far to go before the premiere November 10, 2011, but those four gorgeous singer – Julia Millen, Julie Crouch, Oliver Munar, Timothy Shantz (chorus master and singing the baritone yesterday), the pianist Heather Klassen, and the four young and fine actors, Genevieve Paré, Mellany Murray, Aaron Zeffer, and Johathon Brower, helped us take the Requiem to a whole new level, and I thank them and everyone involved for believing in this. for walking this section of my personal camino, because this is a road that at times has been so damned lonely, and only my fellow artists can truly understand.

and today in attendance, the father of a fallen soldier. and an Afghan.

thank you.

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