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Requiem beginning to stir

here is the first of what I expect will be many articles

the one piece of info that I’d like to correct though is that I wasn’t inspired by the Benjamin Britten Requiem whatsoever. far from it. Britten took fragments of Wilfred Owen’s poems and embedded them within the traditional requiem. what I did was the opposite.

I stripped the Latin mass to bare bones, stripped it of much of its God and its Christ at least overtly, in reflection of the post-religious or multi-faith generation who experienced the Afghan war. I laid the Latin text down, or rather Jeffrey Ryan laid the Latin text down, almost as a churning war machine over which the soloists and choirs (Children singing in Pashto) sing my words … the travails of the returned soldier suffering from soldier’s heart, the one who stands by him, the everyman soldier, the medic, the mothers/fathers, and crucially, the redemption of the land, as most often it is to the land we, especially Canadians, turn to for our healing, our redemption.

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