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Remembrance Day 2011

not Remembrance Day poppies worn on lapels, planted into the ground, placed at cenotaphs. they are split petals, our hearts carry the black hole, centre-less universe. empty yet over-full. longing, longing for those not here.

always, always the empty place at the table. the one killed. the one who could not survive coming home (a war of a different kind) in mind or body.

relentless. the little red flowers. so bright in grey misery.

and the poppy stalk so damned green, so damned tough. papaver survives on so little water. it is wild. and papery. it seeds itself. catches the westerlies.

carry on. soldier on, that’s what they say. through the mud of life, mud like Suffield’s, mud up to the axles of LAVs. carry on through the sand, oil pans gritty and gears grinding with sand, the murky water, the perilous tip of a LAV too close to a wadi, stuck and threatening to roll and drown all within.

carry on.

remember them, the lost ones, their families.

then carry on.

that’s what they would.

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An honor to have worked with you. We remember them. Past. Present.

Nov 11 2011 · 14:13

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