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remember 9-10

a friend of mine, TC Colonist Jack Knox, called me up on Friday sniffing around for some thoughts on this weekend’s anniversary.

Jack, being ever creative and quirky, decided to think about the day BEFORE 9-11, and so he looked up his old newspaper column from that day. and guess who was in it???

I’d come across an accident on my way home from picking up my daughter from school and I saw our then (and much disliked by many, though not me) premier helping out at an accident sight. When I offered 1st Aid help (I was an industrial 1st Aid attendant in logging camps when I was young), Premier Campbell waved me on.

somehow, either on the schoolground or by phone I told Jack the story and he wrote his newspaper column on it.

so Jack called me up and we chatted a long time about the before and after. my life changed forever on the day after I witnessed the aftermath of the accident on our little country road. I think of all those I’ve met, grown close to, or watched from afar, as they lived through the past ten years. some families, such as ours, who lost our beautiful 26 year old, never to be the same again.

here’s the article

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Hmm..very thought provoking. It is still so very difficult 10 years later, and I am much aware of missing the ‘before’. If I could wish upon a star tonight …

Sep 10 2011 · 20:14

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