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Recipes from LAV Life

a few days on rations is okay, a few weeks… yikes… leave it to the inventive lads sitting for hours in the belly of Mother LAV to come up with new and improved recipes for LAV living… here is the first in the series… I’d love to have more recipes, so please send in your fav. LAV recipes, maybe I’ll find a prize for the best one… bon appétit!

D Coy’s IMP Peach Cobbler

take your sliced peach rats
break up your rats bread into little pieces
add 1 package rats coffee whitener
mix together

serve with

sms’ Suffield “Iced” Live Fire LAV Cappuccino

take 2 packages rats instant coffee
pour into rats plastic bag cup
add 1/2 cup water
add several notional ice cubes
add 1 package rats coffee whitener
add packages of sugar to taste
shake the shit out of it until it gets a nice head of foam

drink fast before the cannon starts up again

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Douglas Hill

I’m still chuckling as I write this. I particularly like “rats”.
Reminds me of the traditional recipe for boiled loon.
In short:
Take one loon
stuff with carefully chosen single rock
boil for three days
change water at sundown each day
on fourth day, cool
throw away loon
eat rock

May 24 2009 · 05:48


Ah, the creativity of the cold, tired and hungry when confronted with “food” (or a reasonable facsimile) in a bag. Our military isn’t the only one interested in such culinary improv – here’s what’s out there for American rations:
as well as some ideas for how to make the British group ration pack a bit nicer to consume:
http://xrl.us/betzq9 (link to UK MoD, 2.1 MB .pdf)

Thanks for sharing!

May 24 2009 · 12:11


pleasure! rest assured that all of these recipes have been tried & tested in the exclusive notional kitchens of the CF’s operational LAVs… for a true authentic flavour however, add diesel fumes, dust, semi-dark, the relentless blast and freeze of mother’s LAV’s heater/fan, the company of 6 – 8 fully-kitted out infantrymen, and dine to a few cuts of Rage Against The Machine, Wake Up!, AC/DC, Metallica…

May 24 2009 · 13:34

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