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back in Canada, back to my home after almost a year’s absence. a friend came to dinner and there was no pepper in the pepper grinder. I hunted through every cupboard for pepper. went out to the Boler to see if I could find some to no avail.
but what I did find was a rations pack from 2008. the dreaded Menu No. 3 Salmon Filet …. OH NO!!!! that was the same “menu” that I got so sick on way back at Suffield in 2009 (tho in retrospect I think it was from the live fire and all the jostling about, me clinging to the gunner’s hatch, and the diesel fumes and the THUD THUD THUD of the canons from the LAVs etc.). but I digress…

so I’m searching through the Boler for some pepper and I grab the rations and bring them in and put them on the table and tear open the brown bag. it was a bit like Christmas opening all the little packages within (tho a pretty sad Christmas). coffee and whitener! a candy and gum! peaches (sort of), a toothpick, weird bread! Peanut Butter (2 packs, bonus!), some truly awful chocolate chip cookies (Chips Away!) and weird juice mix. I emptied the entire package onto the table and only at the very bottom was the sought after ore… PEPPER!!! one mingey little packet… still, enough for our corn and butter.

tnx Canadian army. when all else failed (i.e. my bare cupboards), Menu No. 3 pulled through!

Charlie Mike

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