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Quick note from Suffield

just another quick note from Suffield…

sick as a dog on the first night out on the range with D Coy, the medic amb’ed me in to be assessed as there’s a wicked GI going around… long story short, 48 hours isolation… almost 1/2 a Coy went down with the bug and they’re taking no chances… if I had it, I was lucky and had a really mild case…

anyway, after 48 hrs quarantine, this morning at 07:00 I walked over to the med tent, got checked out and was given the okay to go, so no longer feeling like the ugly girl not invited to the party (sorry if that’s sexist!)…

the reality of being confined to my own tent in the middle of Admin Coy, right across the road from the Quarter Master’s, was that the 48 hrs. were as pleasant as possible, with the guys dropping off food, and having soldiers drop by for visits (sitting several feet away)… plus the time to sleep, read a lot (TimKendell’s book, Modern English War Poetry, which continues page after page to carry relevance for me and this work), and of course, time to write

having said that, when Transport queued up on the wide prairie before dawn this morning, I was choked not to be out in the field with D Coy, I was further choked when I saw a soldier’s photos of what I missed… still, I’ll be out again tomorrow and I’ll do anything to stay there!

ultimately, as the soldiers all are telling me, I’m getting a good pic of what it’s like to live the life… at some point in time, everyone does a stint puking on the Suffield prairie…. or so I’m told…
more later



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