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10 questions for recce

boots through nv/suffield 2009/sms

1. when you drive civvie street, do you fight over directions with girlfriend or wife?

2. will you check maps if lost, stop, ask gas-pump-guy which way is east, which way is west?

3. do you ever get lost?

4. do you heed GPS woman’s chiseled directions, “in 400 meters turn right” or GPS man’s Texas-carved twang, “in 100 yards turn left”?

5. do you argue back?

6. and as a kid, did you hide in cupboards, under tables, beds, did you listen to uncle, mother, father, aunt, drink rye, b.s., laugh, smoke and rant? did you take notes?

7. did you scout the woods behind your house, memorize the park?

8. did you study silence, the beautiful art?

9. I’ve watched pattern of life for almost a year, sent invite after invite, offered to buy beer, seen only your Coyotes, your tents, your place in the mess empty, tell me recce, do you ever stay home? do you ever rest?

10. where are you recce? who are you anyway? where the hell do you go?

tell me recce, I need to know.

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Douglas Hill

I very much like the way this is a character study in which questions sketch the subject. Nice one.

May 15 2009 · 09:22

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