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two publications came to the mailbox this week with my work in them. the first, a beautiful publication done by the company that populates Wainwright and Suffield with Afghans and civilian actors, had Suffield Tree and an excerpt from my diary. what was particularly nice about that publication was that they superimposed my words over a photo of me in Afghan clothing, taken at WWx in 2009, and that they also translated my work into Pashtun. very nice to see.

the second was one of my favourite publications on site review
on site is a gorgeous publication dedicated to architecture, urbanism, culture, landscape, art, photography, research. it’s aesthetically beautiful. I love the smell of its paper, the size of it, the weight of it, the look and sense of it. this is the second time on site has asked me if they could publish me. they have also published my fellow war artist, Dick Avern.

on site 25 issue is identity
. the piece they published of mine is, who are you, written when I was on the front.

on site subscribers get a little bonus publication which I always love. today’s is titled Re: Site 2 Migration. a previous publication examined Small. I was particularly moved by a story within Small that was about a young Afghan refugee who said that her home was her little prayer carpet which she carried wherever she went. we all imagine home as different things. how nice to have something so portable, so tangible, yet so transcendent.

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