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today a notice on the bulletin board at 70 mile Butte. plague. found in the carcass of a dead prairie dog. wear gators. long pants. spray, spray, spray with insect repellant. enjoy your hike.

plague. 14th century disease here in modern prairie. bright, sparkly Canada.

and the more I think about it, the more I think of A’stan and the 11 shots in my arm when I got DAGged by Marjie, my wonderful army nurse. TB, malaria, cholera, tetanus, Dengue fever. Dengue fever. oh that’s a fav of mine. you get one “get out of jail card“ free with that one. first Dengue bite you feel sick. 2nd, your organs turn to mush.


when I was in KAF there were more people in the Role 3 with H1N1 than with wounds from IEDs or battle.

and at Suffield. land ‘o dreaded Gastro, the preventative health guy who was making everyone wash their hands before they entered the mess tent told me that more soldiers died of illness in the wars than of wound.


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