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Photo from In Arms/November 10th 2010, Edmonton Alberta

sms reading WO Quentin Mullin’s That Operation in the Sky with Michael Gravel and Joel Crichton looking on

more photogs to follow. the event was a hit. I think we surprised EVERYBODY with our words, music, images, and our poets’ hearts.

thank you Alice Major, Kevin Kerr, Marc Beaudin and musicians, photographers Shawn Grove and Ian Elliot and thank you soldier poets and soldier beloveds poets for trusting us with your words.

We Shall Remember Them.

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Alex VanderWoude

Hey, is that the same dress you wore at that fancy wall-to-wall-officers dinner on base? Good choice, it’s very flattering.

Once again I must express my regrets that I was unable to attend.

Nov 19 2010 · 15:29

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