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paracord bedside sling/“Spin Boldak”, Wainwrightistan/smsteele2009

Scott Waters once told me that paracord is worth its weight in gold and if I had an opportunity to get some, to go for it. what looks like ordinary green shoelace, is in fact an incredibly strong, slightly elastic cord that can be used to tie just about anything together.

a person can buy watchstraps made of paracord, which can then be unravelled in an emergency.

I met a young soldier with Force Protection down in “Spin”, who had taken a tarp off his Coyote and fashioned a hammock with it using paracord. while all the rest of the “Dirty Dozen” slept on the hard ground, this guy slept like a sailor at sea on his hammock.

at FOB Anchor I got into the habit of picking paracord bits and pieces off the ground and collecting it in a ball. I came home with a grapefruit size ball of paracord wound different lengths which I’ve used to:

  • secure tents
  • fix a girl’s broken clog (!)
  • wrap a parcel
  • tether a dog to a picnic bench
  • make a lanyard for my car keys so I can hang them around my neck and avoid spending the next 1/2 hr. searching frantically all over the house for them

as one of my war art projects, I’d like to get enough paracord to knit a pair of socks. I have the idea of knitting socks of different materials which would reflect the soldier’s life.

all suggestions for materials are greatly appreciated.

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Bob Devine

If you are going to knit something with paracord I would suggest anything but socks. I have no references for this but I will bet a box of beer that said socks would cause the worst blisters on your feet that ever happened. That material is just to hard and unforgiving for your feet.

Sep 02 2009 · 15:34


Don’t forget that inside the para cord is 5-7 smaller bits of string that are strong enough to use for, say, fishing line, making fishnets, etc. True, you won’t likely be fishing much once you’re in Afghanistan, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to using paracord, both intact and the innards.

Sep 02 2009 · 19:06


guys, guys, guys, the socks would be symbolic… I plan to take material from the soldier’s life and knit it… I guess it’s conceptual

thanks for writing and keeping me honest


Sep 02 2009 · 20:13

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