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out working

you say you’re out working. and all we have is too much imagination. our heads filled with grainy black and white, technicolour Hollywood kablooey. soldiers, war, filtered like espresso through American movie screens.

photographs, history books. (and the worst for us glued to our kitchens) the stroll, the firefight on YouTube, FB. someone’s two minute digital clip. threnody. then the beat of ramp ceremony, the lone piper on the 10 pm news. the heavy load.

and war is the big magnifying glass. shows all the cracks. the rebar too. heats everything up. and a little something can blow into kingdom come. a million pounds carried in the ruck, carry on, carry on. a crying daughter, a crying son, sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother. they all wear war paint on their faces every second you’re gone. every second you’re out working.

and the silence of the phone.

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