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out of my depth

this Thurs. I’m presenting excerpts from May Day as dramatic readings with 3 professional actors, Beth Bickle, Michael Armstrong, Alexander Plouffe, an amazing flamenco artist, Gareth Owen, and an amazing flamenco dancer, Caroleena.

this will be the first time I’ll have heard my words spoken by others. I am totally out of my depth with anything theatrical so this should be a tremendous learning experience. I am viewing this as a workshop.

it was so difficult to select excerpts from 150 pages of work. I narrowed down to 52 pages and was informed by the actors that this would be 2 hours of dialogue!! so now I’m down to 30. add in music and dance, that should = approx. 2 sets, 45 minutes long.

I’m so grateful to these people for wanting to collaborate like this.

Gareth Owen’s CDs are available as well as orders for a chapbook of the evening’s pieces.

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Wow! what an amazing experience ,and wonderful tribute to your work, Suzanne. I see that May has kept you busy indeed.

Jun 02 2011 · 01:52

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