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for Orion on today of all days

At the hot gates again, in deserts,
Alexander tucked into your ruck—
always lessons of Thebes, always lessons
of war and fight, necessity, you breathe.

He spared poets, hunting daughters of Pindar,
because poets would sing for him, could release
words like bats over Afghanistan’s violet sky, sky
of dusky fame, dusky scattering flapping wings.

The heart of war faltered, this one fibrillates,
who loses, who saves face, who will, whose will,
buried, buried beats, scattered like mulberry leaves,
and all that’s left is thunder, the great white stars.

Orion, this poet sings for you. Today and today
and today. She celebrates you, and hot white dust,
dust that rises like incense, or smoke from a Cuban,
she remember tears on tarmac, then the scent of single malt.

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